Skip Drish Tampa
Skip Drish Tampa

Skip Drish of Tampa Shares 4 Favorite Jet Skiing Destinations

Skip Drish explains that jet skiing is one of the most exhilarating water sports. Skip Drish of Tampa, FL, spends much of his time on the water for work and pleasure. When the’s not captaining his boat, operating charters or working with local police for search and rescue and security efforts, he’s enjoying recreational activities like jet skiing and pleasure boating. He’s here to share four of his favorite spots to go jet skiing in the U.S.

Skip Drish Shares 4 Best Jet Skiing Locations in the U.S.

1) Skip Drish Explores The Keys

Skip Drish TampaThe Florida Keys are one of the United States’ most popular tourist destinations. They’re also one of Skip Drish’s favorite spots for boating and jetskiing. The most obvious draw is the crystalline blue waters surrounding the islands. Jet skiing in the area also gives you access to some of the best snorkeling locations.

2) Skip Drish Enjoys The California Coast

California is famous for its surfing, but it’s also a great place to jet ski. All along the coastline, especially in the south, you’ll find expanses of beautiful sandy beaches to explore. Like in Florida, California beaches are also populated with many surf shops that offer lessons for beginners, as well as equipment rentals.

3) Skip Drish Loves Tampa

Another Florida location that’s ideal for jet skiing is Tampa Bay. There are several waterways surrounding the city to explore, as well as boats and ships in the bay that provide waves to jump on. The bay is also an entry point to the Gulf of Mexico, another great destination for watersports, including skiing, boating, and fishing.

4) Skip Drish’s Take on Lake Powell

Further west is Lake Powell near the Arizona-Utah border. This lake location is great for waterskiing as well as freshwater fishing. Situated on the Colorado River, the lake contains many unique geological formations, making it a distinctly scenic and Southwestern locale. The caveat is entry to the lake can be expensive, but the plus is you’ll have more space to yourself.

More About Skip Drish Tampa

Skip Drish has had an illustrious career that includes various military, law enforcement, safety, and security positions in government, state, and local arenas, as well as success in business and construction enterprises. His resume consists of titles ranging from VIP Chief Operator of his private security firm, Investigations & Security Bureau Inc. to Military Police/Investigations (CID) (Europe) and trainer for Dignitary Operators. He has also worked in medical services and emergency response and was a Military Police/Investigations Corporal and Squad Leader in the U.S. and Europe from 1981 to 1984, for which service he received a U.S Army Medal for Heroism in the line of duty. After his military service, he worked as a police officer with the Chicago Police Department for several years.

In addition to running his construction firm, contracting with charters and local police as a boat captain, and providing emergency response, first aid, security, and firearms training, Skip Drish Tampa spends time giving back to his community through various charitable endeavors. He also enjoys boating, horseback riding, jet skiing, and going to the gun range.

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