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Skip Drish Tampa

Skip Drish of Tampa: The Necessity of Emergency Responders

Healthcare services are more important than ever during the pandemic, and one of the key groups of healthcare workers, Skip Drish of Tampa explains, are emergency responders.

Healthcare workers of all shapes and sizes are necessary and valued right now, as the coronavirus pandemic puts the world in an era of uncertainty. They should not be taken for granted, no matter if they serve healthcare on a larger or smaller scale. One group of healthcare workers that does a world of good in this period are emergency responders. Skip Drish of Tampa explains how emergency responders help keep Americans safe and healthy.

Skip Drish of Tampa on the Goods of Emergency Responders

Skip Drish (8)Emergency responders are very often the people who you first encounter during a medical emergency. Emergency responders are trained to offer medical care when you are not at a hospital and need it. Skip Drish of Tampa explains that this can be due to needing to stabilize someone’s health on the scene, especially if not doing so may put the person at greater risk.

Some of the skills that Skip Drish of Tampa notes an emergency responder will have include basic first aid as well as first aid. Typically, these people are deployed in rural areas where the infrastructure may not allow for immediate access to hospital care, and thus, wind up as one of the only people who can ensure you survive in case of injury or a health concern. They do not receive as much training as a paramedic does, but are invaluable in the event that you will need to wait for those paramedics. These people can be professionally trained, be in a career where they learn medical services (such as firefighters and police officers), or even random passersby who have some training, Skip Drish of Tampa notes.

One thing you could do, if you have the training and there is a need for it, is to even form a volunteer group of trained emergency responders. As an emergency responder, first responder, and member of both law enforcement and the military, Skip Drish of Tampa always admires seeing people taking the initiative to help protect their community and ensure that if anything bad happens to members of their community, that they can help them and protect each other. Right now, that is the kind of thing we need. Skip Drish of Tampa wants to make sure though that you take care of your health too. While the job is important, Skip Drish of Tampa notes, you’re a person too!

During this pandemic, make sure to let all of the emergency personnel — ranging from emergency responders to paramedics to whomever — that you appreciate all of the work and effort they put into helping people.


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