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Skip Drish Tampa

Skip Drish of Tampa Discusses Using Social Distancing as a Time to Learn About Boating Safety

As People are Told to Shelter in Place, Skip Drish of Tampa Recommends Using the Time to Learn About Boat Safety

Throughout Tampa Bay and beyond, the boating industry has taken a hit due to the pandemic. Many people are heeding local regulations to ‘shelter in place.’ As a result, they’re not spending time on their boats, taking charters, or going anywhere near the water. Skip Drish of Tampa recommends that the time be used to learn more about boating safety.

Skip Drish TampaSkip Drish of Tampa has been a Safe Vessel Operator for over 20 years and has provided training for an array of marina and boat services. He has taught such courses as First Responder Instruction as well as Maritime Piracy Prevention.

Those who are locked indoors can work on reading about boat safety tips online. There are a variety of training courses that can be obtained, too. Many of them, as recommended by Skip Drish of Tampa, offers certificates that can be used to show insurance companies that safety courses were taken. This can help those who have boat/watercraft insurance save money on their premiums.

Anyone who captains a boat or spends time on the water should take boating safety courses. Skip Drish of Tampa explains that the courses can teach about specific regulations on the water, identify how to save a life in the event of someone needing medical attention, and more. It can reduce the accidents that happen on the water and, potentially, save a life.

Flordia State Exceptions | Skip Drish of Tampa

Although the state of Florida does not require a license, anyone born after January 1, 1988 is required to show a Boating Safety Education Identification Card if they are going to operate a motorboat of at least 10 horsepower. However, anyone born before 1988 has been grandfathered in, which means no license or boating safety is required. Skip Drish explains that this can lead to various problems on the water because of boat operators not knowing what needs to be done once they are in open waters.

Skip Drish of Tampa recommends that people review what is required by the state, regardless of their age. More training and certifications can only help. Particularly with the storms and hurricanes that occur throughout Tampa and the rest of the state, it can help people to prepare more adequately and know how to request help.

Skip Drish of Tampa continues to offer training and certification programs for individuals and businesses. He can also consult with an organization that wishes to add a higher level of training for their employees when involved in any activities on the water.

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